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The venue is on the island of Als, situated between the mainland and the island of Fyn and facing Germany.
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From the town of Bøjden on Fyn, close to Fåborg, the ferry Alsfærgen leaves for Als every other hour througout the day. The beautiful crossing takes 50 minutes.

Please plan to get there well ahead of time, if you arrive on the day of the concert. Traffic will be tense.  After the ferry, you should head for Sønderborg and arriving there, for the bridge to the mainland and the freeway, but stop at the roundabout north of Sønderborg. There you will se signs and meet personnel guiding you to the parking area.

Private boats and ships

Being an island, Als is surrounded by marinas. It is, in its own right, a much favoured destinations among leisure sailors. Among the larger marinas close to the venue you will find Sønderborg Havn, Sønderborg Lystbådehavn and Augustenborg Yachthavn.

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Ringridervej 89
6400 Sønderborg


+45 61 27 48 73


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