By land

On the day of the concert,Tuesday June 11, 2019, a section of the throughway north of Sønderborgoncertdagen, will be restricted from one direction between the hours 5 - 9 p.m.
The road will be open for eastbound traffic only, between the bridge and the roundabout at Grundtvigs Allé.

You can monitor the traffic at the website Trafficmap.

By bicycle

Use the bicycle to get close to the gates and to avoid traffic jams. Many access roads will be open to bicycles ony on the day of the concert, so this is a preferred mode of transportation.

Two routes may be used:

  • Through Sønderborg along "Vestermark" towards Burger King and the power plant or ...
  • Along the water, follow "Nørre Havnegade" under the big bridge.

Across the bridge 

The freeway to Sønderborg extends to and terminates at the bridge crossing the sound between the mainland and the island of Als, where the concert takes place.

As the freeway terminates, signs will take you across the bridge and guide you to the parking areas, where our personnel will guide you further.

Instead of wasting your time in a traffic jam, you might consider arriving early.

From the town of Sønderborg

If you live in Sønderborg, we suggest you use your bike. Most guests are coming by car, so the roads will be congested.

If the car is your only option, then head for the roundabout at the northern end of Grundtvigs Alle. There you will se signs and meet personnel guiding you to the parking area.

Please note that the route from Havnegade along the water and under the bridge will be for bicycles only - no cars allowed on the day of the concert.

From the island of Als

If you arrive via the island of Als - for instance if you arrive from the island of Fyn by ferry - then head for the bridge and the freeway, but stop at the roundabout north of Sønderborg. There you will se signs and meet personnel guiding you to the parking area.

By public transportation

You may find relevant travel schedules using the travel app Rejseplanen.

Busstop closest to the venue: Vestermark by Nørrekobbel (bus 110) by the Circle K service station.

From the train station, there are taxi cabs.

You are welcome to send us a message...

Contact info


Ringridervej 89
6400 Sønderborg


+45 61 27 48 73


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