Sønderborg, Als and Sundeved

The region around Sønderborg is rich on history, nature and activities rich on culture, story telling and fun for children as well as adults.

This page will provide updated information as well as relevant links as the calendar moves closer to the day of the concert.

If you choose Sønderborg as the destination of your summer vacation, there will be plenty of activities and sights available to you.

On Visit Sønderborg you will find both inspiration and information for your next visit to the southern part of Denmark.


Bonus information


Sønderborg is the biggest town on the island of Als. Sundeved is the part of the mainland (Jutland) adjoining Als.

Sundeved is also the place, where the final battles in the war of 1864 between the Danish and the combined Prussian-Austrian armies took place. Hence the historic reference to the "Battlefield".  In fact, the very last showdown took place directly on the venue of the Bon Jovi concert.



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